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Top Notch Real Estate Service’s Plan to Assist our Miami Buyers


Pinecrest Homes for Sale to Miami Buyers

1. Advise our Miami Buy­ers to obtain a lender, attor­ney, title com­pany, home inspec­tor, insur­ance agent, etc. to assem­ble their all-important team.

2. Cre­ate a Mul­ti­ple List­ing Search, tai­lored to our Buyer’s spe­cific needs, which will inform them the moment a list­ing appears on the market.

3. Make appoint­ments and accom­pany our Buy­ers to the list­ings of their choice; 7 days a week form 9am-8pm.

4. Sub­mit offers and nego­ti­ate until a meet­ing of the minds is reached.

5. Attend all home inspections.

6. Search for prop­erty vio­la­tions and open per­mits at the Miami Build­ing Departments.

7. Com­mu­ni­cate with all involved to facil­i­tate a smooth closing.

8. Attend the closing.